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It's Peak Harvest Season. These Are The Best Farmer's Markets In The State.

It's Peak Harvest Season. These Are The Best Farmer's Markets In The State.


Originally published by New Mexico Magazine

Published 09/10/18

ALBUQUERQUE, NM ­­— September is the peak of the harvest season in New Mexico, and fresh fruits and veggies can be found at farmers’ markets throughout the fall. Some of the most colorful and aromatic goods can be found long after the days start getting short and cold. Here are some of the most popular markets in the state.

Aztec Farmers’ Market

An evening seasonal open-air market pops up in Aztec every Wednesday starting in mid-July and runs through October 30. Enjoy the cool air and crisp autumn breeze as the months get colder, while perusing rows of winter squash, apples, berries coming in at the end of their season, and many greens. 

Farmington Growers’ Market

Roasted green chile, melons, sweet corn, squash, onions, tomatoes, and some fruits are in peak season and ready to leap into your reusable bag. Head to Farmington any Saturday morning or Tuesday evening through October 27 to find everything you need for all your harvest recipes.

Taos Farmers’ Market 

Located in the Taos Historic Plaza, this lovely mountain town market welcomes the early to rise crowd on Saturday mornings. Head to New Mexico’s rolling hills for some of the freshest morning grocery shopping every Saturday through October 17.

Bosque Farms Grower’s Market 

Words and pictures can’t do this humble market justice. Everything sold here is grown or made by the vendors, and the only produce sold is local. Growers come to the Bosque from as far south as Socorro and as close by as downtown Bosque Farms every Saturday morning from May to October to sell a large variety of fruits and vegetables.

Dixon Farmers’ Market 

Spread some fresh raspberry jam on your hump-day blues at this Wednesday afternoon market in northern New Mexico. Fall sees the end of the raspberry and strawberry season, but keep your eye out for fresh blackberries, and of course apples. Through October 17 you can spend your mornings in the cool mountain air foraging for your next scrumptious meal.

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market: Railyard

Golden honey, Indian fry bread, hot apple cider, and an indoor cafeteria welcome all at this combo indoor-outdoor market. Every Saturday and Wednesday through September and Tuesday through November, the Railyard pavilion is the place to be in Santa Fe.


Bernalillo Farmers’ Market 

Attendance always goes up in the fall at this Friday evening market. Most apple trees start to ripen between early September and late October, and since you can find them and more at this market every Friday through October, there is no shortage of them here. Tomatoes that have been swelling and ripening since August line farmers tables and squash takes off as the dominant harvest offering. Fall at the market is a great time to snag pumpkins, chile, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and onions, which you can’t find earlier in the season.

Railyard Market

Like the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market, this indoor-outdoor event offers food and art. Local farmers line up next to designers and craftsman, bakers and food trucks, too. Every Sunday through October, you can peruse the rows of vendors in the old railroad complex.

Socorro Farmers’ Market 

Turnips, beets, tomatoes, herbs, and melons of all kinds show off at their fall colors Saturday mornings through October and Tuesday evenings from November through April. This is a year-round market. Moving indoors in November, the farmers here can share their crop no matter the weather, giving winter squash the perfect opportunity to shine.

Mainstreet Roswell Farmers’ and Growers’ Market 

The green chile comes out and the gloves come off, but southern farmers’ markets always take the cake when it comes to this fiery favorite. Saturday’s through September, this market offers chile, root vegetables, crafts, and baked goods. 

Farmers’ & Crafts Market Of Las Cruces

This year-round market spans seven blocks along Main Street every Saturday and Wednesday morning, offering locally grown produce, coffee, pastries, bread, crafts, and farm raised meat. Because you’re in the south, don’t forget the chile.


Popular Produce in Season Now 

Apples, August through November

Arugula, September through June

Basil, year-round

Blackberrries, June through September

Broccoli, year-round but best in fall and winter

Brussels Sprouts, September through November

Cantaloupes, July through November

Carrots, June through November

Cauliflower, September through November

Celery, August through November

Chard, September through June  

Chiles, July through November

Corn, June through November

Cucumbers, June through November

Eggplant, June through November

Fennel, August through December

Green Beans, June through November

Green Onions, June through November

Kale, September through June

Lettuce, year-round

Melons, July through November

Mint, year-round    

Okra, June through October

Onions, June through November

Oregano, year-round

Parsnips, September through December

Pears, September through November    

Rosemary, year-round

Sage, year-round

Scallions, June through November

Shallots, June through November

Squash (winter), September through December

Sweet potatoes, July through December

Tomatoes, June through November

Turnips, July through December

Zucchini, May through October

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